Semper - As a Campus Crusade employee (not staff) I find your post insulting and your smear of Campus Crusade by innuendo as un-Christian a sentiment as one can imagine. Your unsupported and I believe unsupportable attack on Campus Crusade is without merit and deserves rebuke.

I am an active member of a PCA church as are the two CCC staff members I work with. Campus Crusade staff members hold positions of authority including elder and deacon at my and other PCA churches in my area.

As someone who both embraces reformed theology, as do the CCC staffers I know, and has signed the CCC statement of faith, I can assure you there are no conflicts between the two. If you have something to say that you believe is of merit, why don't you explain it without the distasteful and smug attitude you display here.

Dear board moderators and other posters. I am sorry to begin my posting on this board with such a critical statement. However, I felt it wasn’t possible nor proper to let this post go unchallenged.