First of all, let me welcome you to the board, as I hope you find encouragement and fellowship. And I don't mean that flippantly.

However, I do think you reacted rather strongly to my post. I was pointing out the fact that CCCI materials are by and large at odds with Reformed Theology. Take the 4SL, for instance, and the tract that espouses the erroneous doctrine of "the carnal Christian." I have been involved with CCC before, so I am not coming at this with ignornace.

Am I saying there are no sincere believers working in that ministry? Of course not. What I do see, however, is the fact that the materials used by Campus Crusade are basically Arminian in theology.

For previous conversations about CCC, see these threads here and here.

True godliness is a sincere feeling which loves God as Father as much as it fears and reverences Him as Lord, embraces His righteousness, and dreads offending Him worse than death~ Calvin