I may be wrong but I find the kind of criticism you make of the 4SL to be a bit nitpicking. Here you are talking about the "non-elect" in the context of an basic introduction to elementary Christian thought. Also, your "love the sinner but hate the sin" is a spin of what the 4SL says.

Now, I don't want you to not understand my own beliefs of how important the Gospel is. I believe it to be the absolute center of of my faith, my salvation and my sanctification. I belive it needs to be taught fully and clearly. However, it's not like that is the only teaching on the Gospel that CCC offers. I don't even think it's used very much anymore. I know we don't use it in any of our regular programs. To condem CCC on this seems a bit thin.

As far as my calling you dismissal cursory I would point you back to your original post. You dismiss CCC out of hand without any explanaton whatsoever. "They say that the seminary seeks to be "winsomely Reformed" in its evangelism, and yet they say they can do this through Campus Crusade." You don't find this cursory? Boy, what would qualify.