First, let me say that, four years ago, we used CCC material, and at the conference we did as well. So either your situation is outside the norm or things have changed in four years.

Secondly, several of the items you say you use are problematic.

Alpha, for instance, if we are talking about the same thing, is heavily influenced by the Charismatic movement. We've discussed this before here.

As for Eldredge, I could hardly recommend him either! Here is a review of his Sacred Romance. We've also talked about Eldredge here. As you will see, the problem is that Eldredge leaves little room for the doctrine of total depravity and downplays sin.

Here are some comments on Warren's Purpose-Driven Life.

Never heard of Armand Nicholi.

Schaeffer is good! I haven't read much Os Guiness, so I'll let someone else discuss him. I hear he is good.

Of particular note, the tract Satisfied is a revision of the "Spirit-Filled Life Tract." Ernie Reisinger wrote a wonderful tract on the myth of the "carnal Christian," and you can find it online here. Let me ask you this too: Do you believe we are filled with the Spirit at conversion or subsequent to conversion?

True godliness is a sincere feeling which loves God as Father as much as it fears and reverences Him as Lord, embraces His righteousness, and dreads offending Him worse than death~ Calvin