BillT said:
And BTW, Joe where did I say "that CCC is presenting the Gospel “fully” correct is a misnomer of the infinite sort!" I don't mind the criticism. And you make some fair points about my post but twice in it you attributed to me things I didn't say. Please don't.
Really? : “As someone who both embraces reformed theology, as do the CCC staffers I know, and has signed the CCC statement of faith, <span style="background-color:#FFFF00">I can assure you there are no conflicts between the two</span>.” Here you FULLY equated the teaching of Reformed theology to be equal to the CCC (i.e. NO CONFLICT!). Then you go forward and support a mere Sandamanian gospel presentation by supporting the 4 Spiritual Laws of the CCC, which is in DIRECT CONFLICT with the Reformed Teaching of Scripture!

But, you did not stop there did you? First, you say there are NO CONFLICTS, then you say there ARE? <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/drop.gif" alt="" /> Basically now you admit there are conflicts, which was the intent of Marie’s original post on this matter. Marie was in shock how a “fully Reformed” seminary (RTS) could support a mission activity that was NOT “fully Reformed.” Thus, you still owe her an apology and still need to reconcile your theological position with the Holy Scripture.

Please understand that this is not an attack on you individually, but merely the content of your posts.

Reformed and Always Reforming,