BillT said:
Joe - Not only do you continue to, best I can tell, intentionally misunderstand my post but now you appoint yourself judge and jury on whether an apology is appropriate and the consequences of my failure to offer one. Perhaps you could enlighten me on how that kind of judgmental attitude and self-importance jive with reformed theology.
No one’s misunderstood you or your posts. You yourself knew your initial post was out of place calling it a critical statement.

1. You “continue” to misunderstood Marie’s initial post as brought to your attention here amongst other places.
2. You have not apologized to Marie, thus revealing your continuing un-repentance.
3. While I am not your judge and jury, I can judge what is profitable and unprofitable and I have judged further posting with you to be unprofitable. I would appreciate it if you would respect my wishes.

Reformed and Always Reforming,