Marie I sorry, I did try to reply directly to you but it didn't seem to post. You make good points here and provide excellent rescouces.

My point about CCC is this. This organization has in it many many people who care about reformed theology as you do. They have given their lives to work for CCC while you dismiss CCC out-of-hand (in your first post) and go so far as to seriously question any organization that would even have anything to do with CCC. There is a disconnect here that is hard to reconcile.

Let me address your reply to my other post. That was in response to "af's" the charge that I had made this post critical in nature. I don't think I am the only one who did this or even the first one who did this. (I did not mean that you didn't or haven't explained yourself. I am sorry if it came out that way.) Nor do I believe I first brought the other attitudes he discussed to this thread.

As far as your question to me. I am not in ministry as a profession. I do not choose the materials that are used. I do know that the people who do care about the truth as you do. If that is too much an "emotional" response, my apologies. You will have to understand that having CCC dismissed as you did (even given your very well informed and explained views) given what I know to be true about it and the people in it is an "emotional" issue.