When I said I'm not in ministry, I meant it. I don't teach at CCC, I'm in operations. I teach Bible studies in my church home fellowship group and have taught at the adult school at my church (PCA) so I haven't run into those problems. I do know thought that the people here at CCC don't teach Arminianism. They teach that we are sinners separated from God needing Christ and Christ alone for our salvation. Really!!

You say for instance "there are not three types of people, but two: saved and unsaved." I know I agree and I'm sure I don't know anyone here that wouldn't. That's what I can tell you. I knew nothing of CCC when I came here a year and a half ago. I can tell you that I am continually impresssed by the people I meet and the devotion to their work to the truth of the Gospel. No in-between stuff. Believe or perish. (Though you might imagine they don't often lead with that statement they aren't afraid of it either.)

I would imagine you believe that the body of Christ is not defined by organizational lines. I belive there are places in most every chuch or para-church organization where it is alive and places where it isn't. CCC is no different.