I shouldn't be barging in on this, but why are we letting CCC rile us so much. There is much good within CCC as well as some bad. But, are they different from any conservative evangelical perspective outside of the Reformed. What makes CCC the whipping boy? From these postings we see that CCC includes the Reformed, even welcomes as the original post in the thread indicated, in their ministry. What makes them more dangerous than say the NAVS or denominations such as the SBC. They don't kick out any paedos out of ministry, non pre-mills, or 5-pointers. We may counteract by saying they suppress Reformed thought, and that is probably true in some instances, but not in others. Only the Reformed within CCC have a good gauge in what may not be tolerated in terms of theology, and they all probably have different takes on it.

CCC is probably more friendly to Reformed thought within its organization than most other para church groups and denominations.

I'm coming from someone who has had some background with CCC staffers, albeit they were all Reformed, a couple became PCA Pastors later. My gripes with the CCC lie in that they allow staffers into the ministry too quickly, a fast train approach to their training. There are several parachurch groups that I would recommend someone to be a participant before CCC, but CCC is not on my off list.

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John Chaney

"having been firmly rooted and now being built up in Him and established in your faith . . ." Colossians 2:7