John C, have you read all the posts in this thread? If so, then you know the answers already.

First, there is clearly ignorance of dissimulation on the part of those who profess to be Reformed yet openly use CCC literature which is antithetical to the doctrines of the Reformed Faith. The people in CCC are not the "whipping boy" as you so cordially put it. Marie and myself have already commented on the integrity of many within CCC. So, the issue is not that CCC is a "whipping boy," but that there is undeniably a disparity between what some people profess to believe and their practice. Please read the posts.

Second, I would ask you if you endorse any sort of false Gospel to be propagated to the lost? Indeed not, you would most certainly reply! What Marie, Pilgrim, myself, and others have shown is that CCC does not present “the Gospel.” When an organization propagates such things as the 4-SLs, Eldredge, and the like they are to be called into account for it. If they continue to maintain that a false Gospel is a true Gospel, then they are not Reformed in practice (maybe in word, but not in deed). Clearly, it has been shown that the “deeds” and “doctrines” of CCC are semi-Pelgian at best and when pushing Eldredge—heresy at worse. In summay, the methodologies used by CCC are antithetical to that which the Scripture and the Reformed Faith (at least classical Calvinism), would condone or even allow.

Third, whether a missionary, para-church organization, et. al. are friendly to the Reformed camp makes no difference if the Reformed in question make no stand for the true Gospel and defend semi-Pelgianism. Even a Mormon church is friendly to us Reformed folk as long as we keep our mouths shut (p.s.: I am not equating CCC w/Mormonism).

Lastly, you mentioned suppressing Reformed thought. If you believed that Reformed thought is the very thoughts of Scripture then you would you need to say CCC suppresses the Gospel, the Scriptures, etc. Now, is this a true Gospel—if the Gospel itself is suppressed?

Reformed and Always Reforming,