Perhaps I'm all wet here, but it seems that you have missed the point Joe was trying to make and that which I too agree with most strongly. The point isn't whether someone can or should "belong to" an organization, church, group, etc., which isn't "Reformed" if they are. But rather it is hypocritical for one to profess to hold faithfully to the doctrines of sovereign free grace, in its fullness as a world and life view, as well as soteriology and use the Sandemanian and semi-Pelagian literature of that organization. There are, for example, members here whose churches belong to heretical or even apostate denominations. But those churches do not partake of the doctrines of the denomination, philosophies or practices. I can speak from personal experience that I was once a member of a RCA congregation who refused to pay the required financial "quota" which all the individual churches were supposed to pay because of what that money was used for; e.g., schools, and other things which were antithetical to the doctrines which the church held to be true (Belgic Confession, Canons of Dordt and the Heidelberg Catechism). Instead, they directed that money to support such schools as WTS in Philadelphia. Over time the RCA gave us an ultimatum; pay the quota or be disciplined. We voted overwhelming to leave the denomination rather than allow women to be ordained to office, money to be used to support heretical schools, etc.

So, it is possible for a person to hold faithfully to biblical Calvinism and be part of a non-Calvinistic organization. But it is hypocritical for such a one to profess one thing to be true yet preach, teach, hand out literature, use methodologies, etc., which are antithetical to that profession. As long as such organizations are willing to allow people to preach, teach and distribute literature which is "Reformed" and work to reform that organization, I think it is appropriate and marvelous to do so. Pragmatism is no excuse for doing that which is hypocritical. I would simply point out how Paul dealt with a similar situation in Antioch and called Peter on the carpet for professing one thing but doing something which was antithetical to his profession. (cf. Gal 2:11-19)

I hope this serves to clarify that which some of find objectionable and that our concerns would challenge those who profess to be Calvinists to stand firm in that profession and not partake of the unbiblical literature and evangelistic practices of the CCC.

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