PaulRH said:


You said: "What Marie, Pilgrim, myself, and others have shown is that CCC does not present “the Gospel.”

I disagree. I don't believe anyone has shown such as fact. What has been shown is that some of the materials and one author are not "Reformed" in theology.

One, we have shown that one of your authors is a heretic. This is a little different than saying he is not merely Reformed.

Two, the sharing of “false materials” (4-SLs, Alpha.) does not equate to “the Gospel,” but another gospel, a mere Sandemanian gospel.

Moreover, Paul I know you meant well attempting to defend CCC, but you took my quote out of its proper context. While I'm sure "some" within CCC do share the real Gospel (see my very first post on this issue) many do not. Many do not see the error(s) of 4-SLs, Eldredge, and the like (even you said Eldredge only needed to be read discerningly, which begs the question of how a non-Christian is to do that?). As I stated within the same paragraph you snipped my other statement from, “When an organization propagates such things as the 4-SLs, Eldredge, and the like they are to be called into account for it. If they continue to maintain that a false Gospel is a true Gospel, then they are not Reformed in practice (maybe in word, but not in deed). Clearly, it has been shown that the “deeds” and “doctrines” of CCC are semi-Pelgian at best and when pushing Eldredge—heresy at worse. In summary, the methodologies used by CCC are antithetical to that which the Scripture and the Reformed Faith (at least classical Calvinism), would condone or even allow.”

As one once said, “I'm sorry you don't like what I said. I called it like I see it and I stand behind what I said.”

Reformed and Always Reforming,