I have already posted my interpretation and brief exegesis of 1Kg 18:21 and shown that the people to whom Elijah were addressing were not in any fictitious state of "moral equipoise", but rather they stood firmly in opposition to Jehovah God. Elijah's challenge was for them to repent of their dissimulation and return to the God of their fathers.

Secondly, C.H. Spurgeon, that great defender of historic biblical Calvinism never taught any such notion as "moral equipoise". He was a firm believer in the doctrine of Total Depravity and consistently taught that no man CAN choose Christ; more so, no man has the ability to incline himself to even consider "choosing Christ" lest he first be regenerated; born of the Holy Spirit. There is nothing in the quote you provided that even hints that Spurgeon was preaching "moral equipoise". <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/rolleyes2.gif" alt="" />

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