Neicey, I’m not in equipoise anymore. I’m a free agent committed to Jesus, so I’m not in that “fifty, fifty” type of equipoise. My flesh, the smelly part, still influences me at times, but hopefully it won’t affect my answer to your question.

You asked, “Why would GOD put imperfect peoples in the middle of his perfect plan?”

I think you are asking how God could allow us to have any part in the salvation process, synergism versus monergism, or something like that. Again, we could ask the same question about Adam. Why would God put an imperfect person like Adam in the middle of His perfect plan? God did not directly cause Adam to sin. Adam was not entrapped by God. Adam’s free choice was foreknown by God. There was no doubt that Adam would choose to commit his first sin. As I mentioned earlier, Calvin, Augustine, and Pink have all said that Adam was in equipoise. Only Pink used the word “equipoise,” but Calvin and Augustine described Adam the same way. How could God allow Adam to make such a momentous decision when so much was riding on it? Well, God of course did allow Adam to make that free decision, and Adam was held responsible for it. We could say the same thing about Satan. God did not force Satan to form a bias toward evil. Satan’s self-generated bias also fit into God’s perfect plan. If God allowed Adam and Satan to make such freewill decisions, then certainly He can allow some humans to do the same thing.