Hi Marie. It’s interesting that you believe that Adam and Eve had free will before their first sin. You said that they were “neither inclined toward good nor evil,” so I guess that means you think they were in equipoise as Pink, Calvin, and Augustine indicate.

You said, “As for the BFM2000 saying that ‘they are under condemnation as soon as they are capable of moral action,’ that does not necessarily mean an age of accountability. The question is when we say they are capable of moral action. I prefer how the Baptist Catechism put it in the above quotation.”

I don’t see how it can mean anything other than an age of accountability. It indicates that they are not under condemnation from the moment they are physically born; rather, they are under condemnation when they are capable of moral action. The age when they become capable of moral action is the age of accountability. That age differs for each individual, and some people never become capable of moral action, such as infants dying in infancy and people who are severely mentally handicapped from birth.