but it would be helpful if you show how my commentary on 1 Kings lacked proper interpretation.

I did. Next passage?

If you convince me that I was in error, then I will be glad to admit I was in error.

We may never convince you of anything. This, however, does not necessitate you being correct.

Ouch! That is a serious accusation. It might be helpful for you to define heresy as you understand it. Is anyone who is not a five-point Calvinist a heretic? I’m sure you know that not all five-point Calvinists agree with each other. Are some five-point Calvinists heretics? Are heretics people like the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses who deny the Trinity? When you make such a serious accusation, I think you should provide evidence. What have I specifically said that leads you to think that I am a heretic?

1) You continuously put forth an unscriptural position.

2) You place man at the center of your philosophy.

3) You deny Total Depravity.

4) You aren't any type of calvinist, so, yes.

The arminian gospel is a different gospel. And while calvinists may disagree on some things, we all agree on soteriology.

God bless,