Before I get into a detailed discussion of those two passages however, let me provide a summary of truths from 1 Kings 18 that are relevant to the discussion of how some people form a bias of equipoise:

1. The people had not made an ultimate, final commitment. They were hesitating between two opinions.
2. They were asked to make a commitment and become followers (disciples) either of God or Baal.
3. After a demonstration of God’s power they indicated that they had decided to follow Him.
4. They were obedient to their first command as followers of God.

Once again, you have failed to provide meaningful exegesis of the passage and have instead eisegesized it to include a condition not found within scripture. I have answered every one of those claims and so have others.

I also notice, despite my consistent pleadings, you continue to fluff your posts. I have no desire to read out of context quotes from men who would admonish your views. Please refrain from such in the future, and please stop putting forth a false gospel. Thanks.

God bless,