Averagefellar, I find your criticism of my usage of quotations ironic since you tried to paraphrase me in the first post on this thread, and you unintentionally misrepresented my position. Quotations are much more accurate than paraphrases. It is required in research papers and dissertations to use direct quotations even when you disagree with the person you are quoting. You are permitted to quote a person to make a point, even if the person you are quoting may not agree with the point. If a quote is lifted out of context, that is a different matter. I have not intentionally lifted any quotes out of context. I actually agree with five-point Calvinists on some points. Some of my closest friends have been five-point Calvinists. It's fine for you to disagree with my theology, but your constant criticism of my style of expression is sort of strange. I love you anyway.