To me, your methods are offensive. You message is offensive to the Gospel. The post was entirely too long, especially after repeated requests to stop fluffing your responses. We have been over your views and not one passage is ever going to support them, because they are a false gospel. It comes to a point where we have to decide how long to keep letting you oppose the truth on this board. Since you have been shown your error by no less than seven different people, you are nearly rambling in circles, and I personally suspect nothing new to come from you on this subject. Further posting of book-sized posts will be met with the same action, I assume. Given your decision to uphold a wesleyan view, I would also imagine that this thread might be closed rather soon, as I feel, and others as well, that we cannot allow heretical views to be consistently posted here. As I have suggested before, perhaps a new topic would be beneficial.

God bless,