If you will read the N.T. you will note that there are 4 types of ground the seeds of truth are planted in (Matt 13). Not ALL were saved. Ask yourself, ‘Does this not apply to Israel in 1 Kings?’ Does this apply to KoreanHog?

Please look at the text of 1 Kings 18: Vs. 17 says, ‘Art thou he that troubleth Israel.’ Vs 18 says ‘have not troubled Israel.’ Vs. 20 says, ‘Now therefore send, and gather to me all Israel unto mount Carmel.’ The noted Arminian John Wesley says, ‘All Israel — By their heads, or representatives, that they may be witnesses of all our transactions.’ The scope of ALL PEOPLE encompases ALL ISRAEL as represented by their heads, etc.

You assert that ALL the people (all Israel, as represented by their heads, etc.) had Spiritual Equipoise and assume that NONE fell. Thus, the O.T. should NOT mention another fallen Israelite in the O.T., as ALL should be saved..... As I asked you in the previous post look at the O.T and see if ANY Israelite falls after 1 Kings 18. If ONLY one falls your Spiritual Equipoise is revealed to be a sham, as it teaches the possibility of ‘regeneration’ without ‘salvation’—denying the very power of God in salvation.

If grace (God’s will, election, etc.) is resistible then man is not saved by grace alone, but solely by his own decision (plus, a little help = semi-plagianism), thus making man the author of his own salvation! Thus, your false philosophical concepts continues to be shown to be invalid, false, and heretical. May God give you a proper understanding of the Scriptures.

Reformed and Always Reforming,