I have nearly 60 books by Martyn Lloyd-Jones and feel very comfortable with most of what I have read from him. Much of his material on the Holy Spirit (Joy Unspeakable) is incorrect for sure, but to call him "deluded," seems rather disrespectful and not understanding what he, by the Spirit of God, accomplished for the Church. In his day he was one of the most profound ministers of the Gospel in existence. He was so deluded his commentary on Romans was only 14 volumes (a couple more are being produced now to finish the set), and he only wrote 8 volumes on Ephesians.

While I do not agree with a great majority of Charismatic theology, I would be far from calling everyone of them unregenerate, deluded, etc. IMHO it would be better said that they may be unlearned in some areas and in need of of some proper instruction. Of course there are some like Wayne Gruden and Martyn Lloyd-Jones we could all gain from in return.

Reformed and Always Reforming,