If he believes what he wrote there then he is a Christian. Have you ever read them?

No. Once again, since you seemed to miss this, I never questioned anybody specifically. If you wish to continue to beat this dead horse, do so. The argument holds zero merit. However, I suppose you can now list what the essentials are?

Now who is being delusional comparing the likes of Benny Hinn to Martyn Lloyd-Jones?

I made no such comparison. I simply asked where we draw the line for charismatic theologians. Please stop misrepresenting my words.

Now, if your intent is to say they are not saved what evidence do you have?

What do we use for anybody? Again, please respond in the Essentials thread and we can continue from there.

Though there is a lot of undoctrinal beliefs in several movements making blanket statements about them as you have here is unwarranted IMHO.

Your opinion noted.

God bless,