A few additional things ring true though in your comments (1) though you were apart of such a group you were still saved

I suppose experience rules here, so let me share mine. I feel the opposite. While I may have been elect during this time, I was in terrible error on a number of issues. I don't think I was 'saved' until I became reformed. My view of Christianity changed as well as my life style.

Have you been able to identify any reason why in God's providence you ended up in a Charismatic Church instead of a Baptist Church during this time? (besides being able to identify their errors, etc.)

Not directly, except it is definitely true of the ladder notion. I can also offer an acceptable defense against mormonism, something I was involved in for a few years as well. Still, I don't think I was 'saved' as a member of a cult, either. A very large majority of charismatics are baptists in their view of baptism.

After leaving charismania, I actually drifted for some time. I was Disciples of Christ, UMC, and then just a liberal Christian; non-denominational. I was arminian to the core and thoroughly confused, still.

Once I came to understand the doctrines of grace, I was a reformed Baptist for about six months. For the last three years I have been a paedo-baptist in my understanding. Well, several of my beliefs changed, but that's a different thread. There's my basic experience.

God bless,