Luther came out of Rome? Why? Isn't it a proper church?
Yes, Luther finally did come out of Rome, but not immediately. Re-read the account of his life and see the struggles he had.... But, during his time after his conversion, but before his withdrawal from the Catholic Church how would you have treated him? To you would Luther have been a member of the Church prior to his withdrawing from the Catholic Church? Would you personally have considered him a Christian though he bore the label Catholic?

One more example: Was Augustine a Christian? Did he have any beliefs that would not be considered biblical today? What denomination was he?

If I decided today to become RCC, and support the beliefs upheld by Rome, would you still consider me regenerate?
If you supported the RCC and believed their doctrine from your heart--then no you are not regenerate. But, this is not the only scenario, as noted above concerning Luther and Augustine.

This is precisely my point. Every person I know that was charismatic left when they became enlightened. Me, Tom, and many others came to see the majority of the movement as theologically incorrect and left for a more proper church.
While I can agree with you here, this is NOT the question. The question in this thread is Are Charismatics Christians? Is this possible at all? The answer simply is yes! Many people leave the Charismatic church because their Christian discernment tells them it is wrong (note the wording Christian discernment).... of course, others leave for various other reasons.

Reformed and Always Reforming,