Ron D said:

I don't particularly care for the term "common grace" in the context of reprobation, if for no other reason I don't think that God's favor rests upon reprobates. Yes indeedy!, God has a purpose for the reprobate, which is to his glory and the good of the elect.



OH, I do not think God's favor rests on them either. My understanding of Common Grace is more like the common earthly gifts (rain, wealth, etc.) that God gives the ungodly, not a favorable attitude of God toward them. Common grace is 'favors', not favor. God's attitude toward the reprobate is hatred (Psa 5:5). However as Murray states, "It is proper, therefore, to say that the enjoyment of certain benefits, even by the non-elect and reprobate, falls within the design of the death of Christ."

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