To all,

It is amazing how reason and logic can run so afoul of scripture.
Common Grace has nothing in the least to do with the Cross of Christ's work on the Cross. The moment creation came into existance, common grace came into effect. It is what upholds this universe. We live and move and have our being from God. If He would at any moment remove Grace, we would die, strivel and return to the void, not just dust, but the void of precreation.

Regarding the "all" that for some of you means "all" for some it means a particular 'all".
Scripturally, in speaking about salvation one must align it with what we are being saved from.
Christ's work was to overcome the fall of Adam.
The Scriptures, is quite clear, that this is in fact, what He accomplished. If all men received the judgement of Adam, Death, then Christ must restore that fallen condition. If Adam was universal in its effect, then Christ's work must also be universal in its effect.
The universe itself suffered the effects of Death, so therefore the uinverse is also redeemed.
That is precisely what Scripture affirms clearly with the following:
II Cor 5:14-19; Col 1:15-20; Eph 1:10, John 5:28-29; Rom 5:14-19; I Cor 15:20-22; John 12:32.

Christ's work on the Cross is a universal redemption. Someone stated that it cannot be universal because we know that not all are saved. This is a result of an incorrect supposition being put on scripture to prove something else. The salvation of man, individually, is clearly not universal. The universal redemption of Christ provided the means whereby man could again enter into a union with God. A union that Adam had before the fall. Again, the two must align or you will be buried in confusion. All of mankind was saved from DEATH. The texts above clearly point this out. Adam died, Christ gives LIFE. So much so, that all men will recieve immortality, eternal life. This is born out in Acts 24:15; as well as Acts 23:6, though not as clear. Also Rev 20:11-15.