I surely don't want to misunderstand what you are intending to say in this quote, so let me ask you directly: Are you positing that ALL (i.e., every man, woman and child that has, does and every will walk the face of this earth) are going to be saved? i.e., you deny the biblical doctrine of eternal punishment and hold to universal redemption?

I thought that I quite clearly stated the difference as is done in scripture. The answer to your first question is, NO.
However, Christ's redemption is universal. The salvation of individual man is not. There is a vast difference. Unless of course, you believe that some men did not fall under the judgement of Adam.
That also, since you mentioned the doctrine of eternal punishment, would not be possible if only some are redeemed. Your understanding is that some are redeemed, thus only some are saved.
If that be true, then hell does not even exist. That was the whole purpose of Christ coming in the first place. To correct the fall and save His own creation from annhilation.