J Edwards,

Scripture speaks of Christ “actually” accomplishing redemption for His “church,” for the “sheep”, etc. and not “goats” etc. It is limited in design, not power. If Christ accomplished the redemption of ALL mankind (without exception), none could ever be lost, as ALL sin (including that of “unbelief”) would already be forgiven….

You assert without any texts. What specific texts would refute the texts that I showed in an earlier post? Actually redemption was for the world, for the universe, the physical world as well, which mankind is a part of.

You believe none could be lost because you hold to a view that is not scriptural, that redemption of mankind is the same as the salvation of man. You would need show as well, based on the texts given already, that some men never died, never fell under the judgement of Adam in order to make them stand.

Also, Christ did not accomplish forgiveness of mankind. He provided atonement for mankind. Atonement is not, does not mean forgiveness. He removed the penalty of sins, so that those in Christ can be forgiven, thus not be condemned. He brought Life, overcame the fall.

Please read these articles on Limited Atonement for a more in-depth view of Scripture on the topic, as the view you are asserting has been condemned by the Church for centuries....
Limited atonement is a calvinistic innovation. It is not the least scriptural. As far as history is concernced, you should get your facts straight. Universal redemption has never been condemned by the Church. What was condemned is Universal salvation of man. There is a vast difference.
Actually, what was not accepted as well is limited atonement amoung other things much later by Patriarch Jeremiah in the late 16th century.