J Edwards,

What was he then? Did the 2nd man Adam become like the 1st man Adam—neither mortal or immortal?
No, not like he was created, but like he fell. Christ is the only one who is able to give Life again. Man could never redeem himself. In order to do so, he would need to live a perfect sinless life. That is the whole issue of why Christ did it for us. That all we need to do is accept this Work by faith. Christ did it all for us.

But, you said above that ADAM was neither?
Precisely. that was the work that man was to fulfill and accomplish as King and Priest of God's creation. That man would share in the Divine, be conformed to God, for us it has become conformed to Christ, who is the perfect Image of the Father. Man would have attained immortality as his reward. Since the first Adam failied, Christ accomplished this for mankind with His redemption through the Incarnation.

You have yet to “exegete” a SINGLE Scripture to prove this assertion. Just because you say it does not make it true??? Please show me from the Scripture and its proper interpretation???
I have already given you 10 texts that attest to the universal redemption by Christ. But...
Let's repeat to clarify: II Cor 5:14-19. vs 14 IF One died for all, then all died. To not be universal, there must be some who have not died. vs 15 He died for all so that we could live IN Him. Christ died for all, gave life to all, in order that we (believers) could live IN Him. In Him is our salvation.
Then dropping down to vs 19 Christ was reconciling the world to Himself. Not imputing their tresspasses or sins against them. Universal atonement. Then vs 20 shows that man must be reconciled to God. Man does this by accepting His Redemptive work by faith, repents, is baptised which is partly, the forgiveness of sins.

Also, I Cor 15:20-22: These texts really need no exegesis. Quite plainly this says In Adam all die, even so in Christ all shall be made alive. Universal redemption and immortality. Adam was the father of mortality and earthly life, Christ is the father of immortality and spiritual life.

Again, Romans 5:14-19 is saying the very same thing again. Here is it even more emphatic and shows the correlation of Christ's work which resulted in the justification of life. The free gift came to all men. Never does it ever even imply that it is partial, or selective, or limited or anything but universal.
To show that the universe itself was redeemed, Eph 1:10. Col 1: 15-20
All men will be called or drawn: John 12:32.
In addition: John 5:28-29, Acts 23:6 and Acts 24:15 clearly state that ALL shall be raised. Believers and unbelievers. ALL DEAD SHALL BE RAISED. You would of necessity need to show that either not all will be raised, or that only some died therefore all dead will be raised.

So, you do NOT believe in the Perseverance of the Saints???
Very probable not the same way you do. Under your view, Adam could not have ever sinned.

If they are already redeemed, then why do they need to repent?
They were redeemed for the purpose of Union with Christ. To enter into Union with Christ, repentance is a mandated requirement. Or, redemption is not the salvation of individual man.

So, now you out rightly deny the Scripture again: 1 John 4:8 The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love.
I can see why you have trouble understanding. That was a satirical remark based on your view of redemption. God loved mankind. Why would He not. He created us for a very specific purpose. That purpose was lost in the fall. Redemption was necessary, so that mankind could once again be in Union with Christ. Freely in Uniion with Christ as was Adam.

What kind of Church do you attend (name, denomination, website) or do you not attend Church at all?
The only one that counts. It is Christ's established Church here on earth, the one He instituted. The Church of One Faith, One Baptism, One Lord, The Apostolic Church embodied in the Orthodox Church today.