It actually freed mankind from two deaths. From the judgemeent of Adam and the consequences our our sins, which is spiritual death. So therefore, His death was surely a vicarious sacrifice, we don't necessarily need to suffer death IF we believe and IF we endure.

The IF creates an inconsistency. Did Christ save all humans or not?

But that penalty was paid for all men. Not just a few.

Then by what sin are men yet condemned?

Surprised that you even know and use the word correctly.

Sarcasm noted. I'll ask you to cease. I took Soteriology101 at a pelagian-credo college. I understand your heresy.

Quite correct. It has not failed. So why do you believe in a limited work of Christ? Why do you believe God changes, in that He changed His plan is midstream somewhere, which you have failed to show.

I don't. I totally believe Jesus saved all He intended to. Your lack of contextual analysis noted also. Here are a couple of links to help you see your error,

Owen on John 3:16

Engelsma on John 3:16

Boettner on Limited Atonement

Dabney on the Nature of the Atonement

Obviously, you believe that there are several ways to Christ.

I'll ask you to support that claim by quoting me.

God bless,


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