The IF creates an inconsistency. Did Christ save all humans or not?
He saved every single human being who ever lived from death and corruption. The salvation of individual man is man's walk with God. If you can show that God was actually doing the walk of Adam then your view would prevail. This also makes God the author of sin then, and also the author of your sin today. If you cannot control yourself and your choices of whom you will serve, then God becomes the active agent of man. Why would man be judged on what God does and not himself.
I would say you have a monster of a contradiction to iron out.

Then by what sin are men yet condemned?
The very same one of Adam. Sin separates us from God. If we permit sin to rule, to overrule the spirit, then we become faithless, and sin will separate us, unless we seek forgiveness.

Sarcasm noted. I'll ask you to cease. I took Soteriology101 at a pelagian-credo college. I understand your heresy.
Then you should understand Pelagianism much better than you apparently do.

I don't. I totally believe Jesus saved all He intended to. Your lack of contextual analysis noted also. Here are a couple of links to help you see your error,
None of their views can be traced to the Apostles. They all begin with the novelty of the Reformation. A novelty that has exploded into so many views it is very difficult to keep up. Yet, the Church, has for 2000 years believed, taught and practiced the Gospel of Christ as given from the beginning. The reformation is still going strong after almost 500 years. It is very hard for me to imagine that God gave us a Gospel that constantly changes from believer to believer. I think there is some serious error on your methodology.

I'll ask you to support that claim by quoting me.
here it is....
That sure explains it. If your pastor teaches the same things you are espousing here, you need to find a new church.
By scriptural definition, Christ is the Church. I gave you that definition and you want me to change churches like protestants do. Find a new way to Christ. One that is more palatable, one to suit ones liking. That can only be the outcome of your remark based on scripture and the historical result of each man for himself who each has special powers and revelation that they can actually interpret from only a partial Truth. Amazing what logic, reason, and literary criticism can do. Not only that, but totally ignore the admonition of Scripture that man is not his own interpreter.