Soli Deo Gloria,

Could you explain this universal redemption. I am sorry but i am still a bit confused. Does everyone end up with God in the end? Did Jesus do part of the work and we need to do the rest?
No, we are not speaking of the universal salvation of individual man. We are talking about Christ correcting the fall. The fall of Adam, The judgement of Adam was Death. This death also resulted in spiritual separation or death. Christ overcome both for all men. Put man's nature back to the pre-Adamic state so that man could again chose life over death just as Adam did. Adam and we are not different creatures. He is a man, a human being created in the same essence as we are.

Mankind was restored in order that man could fulfill his rightful purpose of his creation. Part of that purpose was to be in communion with God. God gave man a free will to freely chose whether he would love and obey or reject. What comes after we become believers is this walk with God. It is our created purpose being fulfilled. That is why it is so incongruent to hear some of you say, Christ did it all. Man has no role in his salvation. Adam did, why not we. How are we different? You either make God change His sovereign plan or purpose of man's very existance.

Rather than give a discourse, if you have other questions, just ask.