Soli Deo Gloria,

I do apologize regarding your name.
Now, regarding your comments, I understand Total Depravity. It totally denies the Incarnation of Christ in that He reconstituted man and His creation to overcome the fall. As I pointed out, the concept of limited redemption is alien to Scripture.

That you have chosen, using your free will, to believe as you do is up to you. I put my full Trust in Christ and His redeeming work that He did out of love to His creation, His entire creation. In reading just a bit regarding the view of supralapsarianism is close to being fatalistic as well, if it isn't.
In thinking about it, you have absolutely no assurance that you are even one of the elect, since you apparently do. I would be interested in how you can show from scripture that the verses typically used speaks to you in particular. I can see that it might be in theory or as a principle, but you cannot apply it personally. You can not know for a fact, until judgement if you are elect.
Also, if your God is a God of supralapsarianism, the creator of evil, sin as well as good, why make his creation suffer, for what purpose. If suffering, pain, disease, even death, an unnatural condition for man is simply to glorify Himself, then your God could hardly be love as his essence. Love is not an attribute but part of His essence. I would think you and others who accept this view have a lot of justification to make it fit Scripture.
You asked me to clarify universal redemption. You wondered if it meant universal salvation of man. Thinking on it now, why would it matter in your view. It is fatalistic. It matters not to man, he has absolutely nothing, no purpose in creation accept to be manipulated by God whereby some will be saved, whatever that really means and some lost, actaully all decreed to that positon.
However, so be it. You can comment if you will. It will not change my positoin. I will not give up the pearl of Great Price, Christ, lover of mankind.

Come to think about it, one last comment.
If I chose now to change my belief, is it I really or God manipulating me forcing me to do so. And if I did somehow change, which postion was correct for eternity. See the diabolical conundrum your view puts forth.
Again, it really does not matter what I believe, nor what you believe, it is fixed by decree before creation that I would so believe. Even if I wanted to believe Total Depravity it would be an impossibility for me to chose.