No scripture. Then I'll dismiss your assertion of free-will as unbiblical philosophy.
So you believe what,,,
There was no Incarnation?
Christ did not have a will, either human or divine?
Man is not created in God's Image?
Man is not unique among the created beasts?
If man does not have a will, then can you show from scripture that man is a robot just performing the whims of a God who yanks to and fro and has decreed every action you make from eternity as Soli Deo Gloria?
What is the purpose of man, that is all men, not just the saved? What is saved mean then?
What is the purpose of revelation? It serves no purpose if we as human beings have no personhood and really are none better than the beasts.
Why should I be outraged by wars, by the massive amount of killing of one human of another. It is all in the plan, decreed to be just so, Show me why this should not be fatalistic.
It is a form of pantheism which is the religious form of fatalism.
Me thinks it is a massive twisting of scripture
Just what do you believe?