What also is apparent to me as I read this thread is there are two paradigms at work here.

If I believe God's salvation is open to anyone ( and in a universal way it is), and that the 'full number' of those who will accept salvation is yet to be determined ( i.e. man is still in control in some small modicum of who will be saved and who will not be saved because of his own free will).

If I believe the above, then Christs atonement is unlimited. It is unlimited in nature to extend to the last moment whomsoever will accept the call to repent and believe.

However if I believe that in eternity past God chose who would receive salvations gift and who would reject it, then the number is fixed, and unchangeable. The work on the cross could only be applied effectively to these 'elect of God'. The atonement is then Limited in nature, and can never have an effect on those who will reject God.

This thread will never resolve in the hearts and minds of those who reject Reformation thought, and accept Arminieistic interpretation of scripture.

that just my opinion of course.