OK first off, you are totally misquoting and misunderstanding me when you say i think "that man is a robot just performing the whims of a God who yanks to and fro and has decreed every action you make from eternity"

I think you need to open up your bible and read the OT. See how God uses Nebuchadnezzar to discipline his people. Nebuchadnezzar is not a christian and yet in Jeremiah he is often called Gods servent. Look at Job and Josephs life along with everyone else in the old test. I bet you could name almost any book and i can show you Gods sovereignty. Read the bible and watch the whole plan of redemption unfold...all part of Gods plan.

And when did we ever say man did not have a will?

Please read our posts carefully. I agree with averagefellar when he says that you obviously do not understand calvinism.

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