Soli Deo gloria,

I fully understand God's sovereignty but not your understanding of it. the following is a contradiction.

God does have a sovereign plan and has decreed everything that will come to pass. But that does not eliminate human responsibility, especially since that is clearly shown in scripture.
Yes, but how do you get around this contradiction. That man is responsible for acts that are deceed by God.
Simply, it is not in scripture. Prayer would be totally useless. God only acts through established created laws or decrees thus He could not possibly change or act directly with His creation which the Bible clearly teaches. Miracles are an impossibility as these are direct acts of God within His creation. This is a form of Deism, God is transcendent only.

Though it would be imposible for you to choose to put your trust in Christ since that is against your nature.
So my nature has a will which works great until I want to chose God. I can chose to do moral good and moral evil but I cannot chose God. Explain please scripturally., You also need to explain your understanding of the Incarnation as well.

But dont worry, God can fix that by making you a new creature. I would recommend getting down on your knees and pleading for mercy.
And just how does this align with the above. That is a free choice you just gave to me. On the other hand, I guess he does not need to answer if I am not the elect. But God also said that whosoever seeks Him He will in no way cast out. so you have another contradiction to deal with. Did God decree or did he not. He also did not really desire all men to be saved. Nor does He call all men to repentance, just some He leads, not all.

You have so many contradictions that just do not align with scripture let alone within your own understanding.