Matt 19:24 play into this, I assume something to do with ability. But explain, or do I assume again.

Read it clearly. A merely possible salvation is no salvation.

John 6:44, No problem here, as he calls all men to repentance. The Holy Spirit works in this world calling all men through many and various means, scripture, spouses, events, but God does not decide for man. God does not force evil or virtue in man. Man is free to choose.

I am not sure you are reading my posts. I Haze asked for exegesis showing God "draws all humans once before. I don't think all the alls and worlds have the same contextual meaning. For you to force the same meaning on each passage is poor scholarship. In verse 44, what happens to those Christ draws? I have also repeatedly claimed that we do make decisions.

You can check it in the World's Almanac. This was several years ago so I would imagine its much higher. They will tell you they cannot list all of them but give you the approximation. Knowing what is in my telephone book shows with a 200,000 population, the baptist seem to have it in spades, all of different groups - 48 general baptist and 25 members of the Southern Conference,plus 178 general churches, plus several churches in each of the more major denomoniations as Lutheran, Methodist, Episcopal etc. That is stunning that there are actually so many understandings of the Bible all from man's intriguing ability to attempt to interpret. And none agree on what it actually says. Just to put others into perspective, 12 Catholic and 3 Orthodox. Having lived in Chicago for a time, this check would prove interesting. It is a heavy Catholic city but given the population, it might be staggering. You spend so much time and effort in detemining truth, that if and when you find it, you may not have the chance to live it. After all, it is a lived phenonomon, not a knowledge thing which seems more agin to what is happening.
Protestantism is multiplying like an ameba. It will implode on itself if the proliferation of so-called truth keeps growing at it current rate. And believe it, as most will state, this is the work of the Holy Spirit????

I know you are yammering now. That evidence doesn't even come close to your original claim, yet you choose to continue to put forth Romish lies. You really haven't brought anything new to this discussion and we dismiss Romes parrots as noisy birds.

God bless,