Greetings once again Logo-x,
I keep getting these notices from this thread so I thought I would pop back in. I have just read your last post and see a few things below which were not evident in our discussion.

Since we know that eternal life is the gift of God through Christ alone, and that man does not have the Life without Him, then a man without Him IS only temporal...mortal.

Our mortality makes it temporal.
Incorrect. For a universalist, how could you even arrive at this idea. Christ's resurrection provided life for all human beings who ever lived. However, we know in this temporal life, unbelievers have life as do believers. The same holds true in eternity. What they do not have in eternity is the possibility of not being ever IN Christ as we (believers) do in our temporal state. Man in hell will have the grace of God. God is present in Hell in that sense because He maintains His creation. If we remove God's Grace, life ends, it becomes void, even if He removed it right now. Creation would return to the void it was before creation. We also know that those in Hell are immortal, so your pemise is incorrect.

It is one thing to have the potential for immortal life...but quite another to attain it.
God removed Adam and Eve from the garden to prevent them living forever, and placed angels at the gate to keep the way.

So...God "overirding the nature of their creation" has already been done right at the begining. A fact ignored by teachers of eternal torment.
Adam and Eve were not removed to prevent them living forever. It prevented them from eating of the Tree of Life and thus making evil permanent and eternal. Evil ends at His second coming. Satan is overthrown and loses all power. He is partially defeated already in losing control over death.
So another premise falls. As long as you abide by Scripture.

But then I see verses like this:
1Co 5:5 To deliver such an one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.
This verse properly understood does not help your view Logos. Paul is excommunicating this person from the Church. He is putting Him out of Grace of the Church and letting Satan have him. This pertains to temporal life of this individual. The word flesh here is passions of the flesh. To give you an example. What it means is to let Satan draw this man down to the lowest level so that He may come to his senses and see his error and repent. By repenting he will be saving his soul in the Day of the Lord.

Just a few more cents..... carry on....