You would be hard pressed to find a Protestant who believes that faith is ever alone or that faith is ever separated from the object of faith (i.e., Christ). Protestants are "protesting" the Roman departure from St. Basil, "recognizing oneself as lacking true righteousness to be justified by faith alone in Christ." Surely, the Orthodox Church does not agree with justification by works of the Papacy (i.e., indulgences, satisfactions, merits of the Saints, purgatory, priestly offering up of the Mass for the sins of the living and the dead, etc.)?

I don't know all the changes the Romans made in their interpretations of either Scripture or the Original Tradition of the Church. If you say that the Romans departed from St Basil, then there must have been a change. The Church, the Orthodox Church adheres to the teaching of St Basil. He is recognized as a Father of the Church because He remained within the faith of the generations before Him.
I believe I stated above serveral times that we do in fact believe in justification by faith. Christ did the work of redemption, man simply needs to believe and accept by faith.