Tom said:

First of all, welcome to the Highway.

Hi Tom, and thanks for the welcome. It's good to be here, though I'm leaving in just a little while for a small-group retreat and will be out of touch for a few days.

My question to you, do you get your framework view from the Scripture's themselves, or did you get it from outside sources (i.e. science) being brought into interpret Scripture?

From the text, not from outside sources. As I show in my papers, there are excellent exegetical reasons for considering the Framework view to be superior to both the 24-hour and Day-Age views.

The reason why I ask this is because (among other things) if it is the later, it would have been impossible to come to that conclusion until fairly recently in history.

I agree with you here. I would also point out that just because we in the church don't have records of seeing something until now doesn't mean it was therefore impossible to come by. I'm unaware of anyone in ancient times seeing the parallel structure of:

Day 1 / 4
Day 2 / 5
Day 3 / 6

But does anyone here want to argue that the parallels between the days are non-existant and forced on the text?

Also, if I am wrong on that last part, can you give examples of the framework model throughout history?

As far as I know we have no documentation that contains the FI that would qualify as 'old'.

Hope this helps,