You are drawing too much out of my statement.
In this thread, it has been stated that using anything external to Scripture, for example, modern science, to help understand Scripture is not Sola Scriptura. My point is that this idea is wrong because the very listing of the books, not the order, but which books are included and which books are excluded, ie the formation of the canon, is a problem not internal to Scripture, but is a problem of history. To even print a Table of Contents for our Bibles requires the introduction of history, not the chapters and verse divisions, not the order of the books, but the ever essential which books are in the Bible. My only point is that the canon is meta-to-Scripture. It does not exist inside of Scripture, there is no listing of the canon anywhere in the Bible, it is in fact on a different level than Scripture. Where the canon is intellectually, how this relates to modern science, etc etc is well beyond my modest attempts to distinguish between Sola Scriptura and Solo Scriptura. I've made no analogy to modern science nor to i desire to, my only desire is to understand that Scripture alone, by itself, ie just me and my Bible, is not the historical understanding of Sola Scriptura but is a deformation of the crucial idea.