Hiya Pilgrim,

Pilgrim said:
I guess I'll have to browse your "paper" and see how you exegetically find your Framework view and how the historic Grammatico-Historico hermeneutic fails to interpret the text correctly.

It's not that the GH hermeneutic fails, it's that there was context that was missing. The tool is fine, it just wasn't used quite right. wink

I'll do much better than offering a few texts but rather the Analogy of Faith, which our forefathers relied upon and from which all our doctrines were derived. Since I will need to take the time to go through your "paper" to learn of your hermeneutic and critique your exegesis, if you truly desire to learn how one must hold to a 6 day 24-hour creation since the Sabbath is grounded it upon it, thus proving that ALL of biblical history supports it, go here: The Covenantal Sabbath.

I await your supporting argumentation for the claim that:

"The requirement was again reestablished by God when He gave Moses the Decalog on Sinai and which can only be logically understood if one assumes a literal 24-hour day, which the Commandment itself asserts as fact."

It looks like The Covenantal Sabbath could easily be a weeks worth of reading, so I'll just have to request that you summarize the logic leads to the conclusion that the requirement can ONLY be logically understood if one assumes a literal 24-hour day.

I see no reason God couldn't give the requirement for Israelite sabbath-keeping if the FI were the correct interpretation of Genesis 1.

I can only guess that you would claim that Augustine's rationes seminales contradicts the historical view and can actually open the door for the theory of Evolution at worst or FI at best?

I'm not claiming anything. It was my understanding that Augustine did not hold to the 6/24 view, opting for a metaphorical view instead. I was simply asking you to back up your assertion beginning with Augustine.

What Augustine did insist upon was creavit omnia simul, God created all things simultaneously, which in itself would disallow both Evolutionary theory and your Framework view.

Sorry, but the issue was 'Did others hold to non-6/24 views?' and I think we now know the answer is yes. Beside, it doesn't matter what Augustine believed about how God created. What matters (for this discussion) is how he interpreted the Genesis 1 text. They are related, but not the same thing.

Aside from Augustine, my comment, albeit admittedly a bit hyperbolic, is a valid one since the overwhelming majority of people since biblical history (I've already challenged you to show me any proof from biblical history that anyone held to anything other than the traditional view of creation) have embraced the traditional view of a 6 24-hour day creation.

I don't accept that challenge. It's not relevant for my involvement for my part in this discussion, which as I said is a matter of theory-evaluation not history of interpretation.