I can not argue that it is definitely possible because we are fallible that our interpretations are wrong. However, I don't think J_Edwards would disagree with that either.
His statement (correct me if I am wrong Joe) is just saying that the Bible being infallible (despite our infallibility) should be considered as the ultimate authority, not outside sources like science.
When I say "science" I am not talking about proven facts (though that is what pure science should be), I am talking about "theories" of the scientific community.

I believe it was Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis that said something to the effect: "It must be remembered that YE scientists deal with the same indisputable facts that the rest of the scientific community uses. It is the conclusions that are drawn from these facts that are different."
He also went on to say that where science (theory) and Scripture collide, it is better to err on the side Scripture.
Speaking of the link I provided, I think I am going to check if they have anything on the view you take.