J_Edwards said:
My stance is this:
I am fallible in my interpretations of BOTH the biblical text AND natural revelation. When there is a conflict I cannot give one automatic preference over the other. I must weigh the evidence first and see which of my positions is in error. I know the sources from which I draw my interpretations are infallible (because God's biblical revelation is consistent with his natural revelation) but I cannot claim that EITHER of my interpretations are.
Was not natural revelation influenced by the Fall, (i.e.Noetic effect of the Fall)?
I'm not really sure what exactly we're supposed to understand happened at the fall. But for the sake of this argument let's assume something changed like "lions now eat rabbits".

How is this relevant to what I said?

Is there not the truth of the Holy Spirit for Special Revelation, etc.?
What do you mean by this? Do you think that when people become Christians they are somehow given new cognitive insights that are superior to those of nonbelievers?

My understanding is that the Holy Spirit allows us to accept the message, not that we gain an extra ability to understand propositions.

Could you clarify?