Any newly created being, whether star, plant, etc., if created mature, will contain data that in other cases would suggest events prior to creation. If Adam and Eve were created mature, their bodies would have suggested that they had been born of normal parents in the normal fashion. Science in suppressing biblical truth does not take this into account. Herein we also see the importance of Special Revelation for interpreting Natural Revelation, et. AL.

You are deeply confusing a system of knowledge with the people building that system. Romans 1 states that people suppress the natural knowledge of God that exists both in the universe and in themselves. What you are doing is skipping this principle and jumping to science is suppressing the truth of God. This is an unwarranted step especially considering the enormous numbers of believing and confessing Christians who are doing their best to honor God with their efforts in their chosen fields. They are doing the creation mandate consciously as Christians and as believers in their work as scientists. What you are fundamentally doing is to confuse the levels in the discussion between scientism-that extension into the metaphysical realm and science. You essentially see Dawkins and Dennett and Gould and think that since they are atheists and use science to support their worldview that science is tainted and suppressing the truth of God in unrighteousness. No, people are doing this, and those Christians involved in the field are NOT under some strange delusion, but rather are as free as you are to see the wonders and marvelous beauty of God in creation.