J_Edwards said:
BZZZZT.  No.  GR is not science.  GR has nothing to do with fallible methodologies other than fallible methodologies are applied to GR in the act of our interpreting it.  Again, go back to the diagram I made.  Science is the interpretation of GR.  It is not itself GR.  GR is God's creation.
Did God’s creation (GR) include knowledge? scratch1 Science (a form of knowledge) is also GR....

No. God's creation does not include 'creating knowledge.'  God creates the Atlantic Ocean (through whatever means you think he did), this does not include creation of knowledge of the Atlantic Ocean.  Knowledge is _our_ personal interpretation of things external to us.

At the very least, for the sake of this discussion we are not considering abstract ideas as part of God's creation / General revelation. Unless you think such ideas are empirically observable?
When we examine GR we also know we are examining something that is known to be true because God's creation really is out there.
Since GR includes knowledge it also includes that which is false concerning everything as well. Since GR includes knowledge of ALL types (even the possibility of that which is false--God is not the author of evil, but that is a different discussion) all GR and our perceptions of it are not necessarily true.
I reject that GR includes knowledge.  That's not at all what we are talking about.  We are talking about God's creating of the natural world, things like rocks, trees, the laws of physics, etc.  Things that we can observe empirically.  I cannot empirically observe 'knowledge' and so it is irrelevant to this discussion.
For years, many in science asserted that light comes from the sun, et. al.
SUNlight comes from the sun.  Or do you disagree with this?
However, later science itself has silenced this idea proving that light is not a substance emanating from the sun, but consists of other waves produced by energetic electrons. The Scripture (SR) speaks of the sun as a light bearer, NOT as light itself. In view of the fact that light is the condition of all life, it was natural that it should be created first (Berkhof’s ST, p. 155). Thus, while it is true that there is a sun and that there is light (both GR), it is not true that light comes from the sun (GR), though it appears it does to our eyes, etc..... (GR). GR needs SR to keep it "truthful," etc. Science needs the true presuppositions of SR!
It looks like you're actually arguing that sunlight doesn't come from the sun.  Are you seriously claiming this???
I want you to be clear, because I want everyone who reads this thread to understand that you are rejecting the idea that sunlight comes from the sun, if that is in fact what you are claiming.
As far as the rest of your post it has been refuted…, thus further reply is not needed. [Linked Image]
Umm, ok. If you say so.