Saxman said:
What you seem to want, though, is for me to forsake the scriptural interpretations of REGENERATE men in favor of interpretations within science of the UNREGENERATE, when doing so allows for a more "empirical" observation of the evidence. That's not going to happen.

I think this is one of the fundamental "keys" to this entire discussion. What unregenerate scientists lack is the indwelling Holy Spirit sent by Christ. One of the functions of the Spirit is to lead the elect into all truth, although I think that this applies first and foremost to the Church and only secondarily to individual believers. We do affirm that even those indwelt by the Holy Spirit err in their understanding of the Scriptures, but mainly in regard to those things which are not clearly seen; i.e., the "hard things" of Scripture, which Peter tells us some who are "unlearned and unstable wrest to their own destruction".

Can it be doubted that the Jews for thousands of years, when they read the creation account naturally understood it to have been done in 6 24-hour days? Is it not likewise true that the vast majority of believers when they read the creation account naturally understand, "there was evening and there was morning" to mean a 24-hour day? The text screams a 6 24-hour day creation. And the Spirit within us testifies to our minds and hearts that the Sovereign Lord Creator brought the universe to be out of nothing by the word of His mouth in 6 24-hour days.

That there will be believers who are enticed to walk from the "old paths" into the realm of the ungodly and embrace their godless philosophies is a sad truth. The remnant of sin that we all must deal with is sometimes stronger in some than others. But what the godless scientific community is trying to do is simply to construct another Tower of Babel; i.e., they have an insatiable desire for autonomy and to become like the God; ironically the One Who they deny exists or one who they have created in their own minds (a reflection of themselves).

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