I apologize for not answering sooner. I was involved in some other threads and had not even seen your post till someone else brought it to my attention..

No. God's creation does not include 'creating knowledge.' God creates the Atlantic Ocean (through whatever means you think he did), this does not include creation of knowledge of the Atlantic Ocean. Knowledge is _our_ personal interpretation of things external to us.
So YOU think man creates knowledge by his “personal” interpretation of things? Can man have any knowledge (progressive or otherwise) that was not first known by God? idea Who is the creator of “all?” Does the Bible say that everyone has “some” knowledge of God (Ps 19:1-4; Rom 1:20)? Where did this knowledge come from? Did man create this knowledge by “personal” interpretation or did God give GR? (“God manifested it unto them,” and then it was “perceived through the things that are made, even his everlasting power and divinity; that they may be without excuse”). Hendriksen comments;

God has made himself known and continues to do so by means of his general revelation in nature, history, and conscience; here, as the sequel indicates, with emphasis on God’s revelation in nature; that is, in “creation.” Not as if men, acting on their own initiative, could have discovered God, but, as the passage states, God has made known to them whatever in the area of creation can be made known about him.
God created GR and it included knowledge.

Did Adam know that God created him? How did he know? Could Adam speak? How? When did Adam learn to speak, or think before communicating with God? How did Adam name the animals? Adam had knowledge, he did not create it! Where did it come from? Maybe God “manifested it unto him”? scratch1 GR includes Knowledge. As Berkhof states, GR is rooted in creation, is addressed to man as man, and more particularly to human reason, and finds its purpose in the realization of the end of His creation, to know God and thus to have communion with Him. As Calvin stated, the Scriptures are spectacles that we need to view GR correctly. You continue to view science without theses spectacles (you seem near to science and far from Scripture)! You need to put your “sola” prescription back on bigglasses

It looks like you're actually arguing that sunlight doesn't come from the sun. Are you seriously claiming this???
I agree with Berkhof, however like on many other subjects I am not necessarily dogmatic here (especially when any measure of science is involved). However, even present day science backs up what I have stated;

Light comes from atoms that are excited (they’ve got extra energy from somewhere—either from another light source or by colliding with other particles. One way to excite atoms is by heating them). An excited atom can give off its extra energy as light. Take the Sun for example: nuclear reactions in the Sun produce tons of energy. Particles carry this energy to the Sun’s surface, where these particles collide into atoms, which excite the atoms. The atoms “de-excite” by giving off light.
As you may clearly see the SUN itself does not produce light, but excited atoms do. Now ask yourself could God have excited an atom or two before Day 4 and created light the way we know it …. ? Again, as previously stated, the sun and the stars are merely light holders and not light themselves.

Reformed and Always Reforming,