Boanerges said:
Jesus answer? ". . . sell all that you have and give to the poor . . . " (with emphasis added).

Okay Ted let me get it straight your saying that we need to impoverish ourselves, give the money to the poor and then follow Christ? And you have done this yourself? Ted I must say this is really confusing in fact it smacks of certain monastic vows that I have read about. Can't we plainly talk?

Ok . . . . I was pulling your leg . . . . just a little. Please forgive me.

Frankly, I think your original question ("Are Christians mandated to tithe?") is not a particularly good one.

Most of us in North America have WAY more assets/income than we NEED to live on. Under those circumstances, a Biblical "tithe" would be, in the words of God's messenger, Malachi, "robbing God."

Are you seriously asking, "How much should I give to God?"

Because, if you are, the answer is, "Everything you have that is over and above what you need to live on this earth." By that standard, most of us -- myself included -- should be giving WAY more than a tithe to our churches.

Yours in Christ,